Ninety Mile Beach Enduro 22 October 2006

An approching low, reducing the beach size, with light winds nearly straight down the beach, set the scene for the 2006 Ninety Mile Beach Enduro.

The Class 3’s having the longer race (180km) failed to make it to the top mark in the “safe” time and were turned back to Waipapakauri. Four of the Class 5’s completed their 135km’s, in around 4hrs, headed by Darren followed by Clem, Chris and (first timer) Roger.

90m2006n10.jpg 90m2006n11.jpg 90m2006n12.jpg 90m2006n13.jpg 90m2006n14.jpg 90m2006n15.jpg 90m2006n16.jpg 90m2006n17.jpg 90m2006n18.jpg 90m2006n19.jpg 90m2006n20.jpg 90m2006n21.jpg