Muriwai 18 August

It was an awesome day with 7 yachts turning up, numbers down a bit due to the forecast but it was warm and sunny though incompatible to sailing  due to the lack of wind – unless you were a powered paraglider.

Phil and John managed a bit of toing and froing but the rest of us barely got a ride despite numerous bouts of optimistic running.  A little disappointing as this was the 3rd weekend in a row we’ve been let down by huey.

Despite the lack of sailing it was good to catch up and be forced into having a relaxing day after a busy work week.  We headed half a km or so north of the stream to escape the dog walkers and pretty much had the beach to ourselves except for the odd 4WD and motorbike wizzing by.

Phil turned up with a long time friend of his, Hans Andersen – my wife’s cousin –  which was a bit of a surprise.  It’s a small world.

Between the two of them they brought 3 youngsters who had a great afternoon pushing each other around and eroding the sand dunes.  They even got to go in Phil’s C3, albeit slowly, being pushed most of the time, which was a real treat.

We’ll try again in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!

lots of exercise today

lots of exercise today

IMG_0022 IMG_0027 off to lunch and await the wind IMG_0039 IMG_0037