Muriwai 28 April 2014


It was a last minute decision but a quick ring around produced 2 C5s and 3 C3s to take advantage of the near perfect conditions at Muriwai this afternoon.  Who says you have to work on a Monday afternoon?!!  There was a good gusty 20kt breeze blowing almost square on to the beach producing some pretty wild rides even with our small sails on.

Tony Harold turned up in his newly rebuilt Winger to give Dick a hurry along in his Winger and Phil, John and myself made up the C3 fleet.  Most of us hadn’t sailed since last winter so we were a bit rusty and there were some spectacular spin outs at the gybe mark the first few times – mostly by me!

Since it wasn’t always possible to guarantee control we opted to sail a course north of the stream where there were no dogs nor small boys building sandcastles in the middle of our race track.


No one brought a gps with them and I felt it too hairy to try reading a speed on my phone as both hands were necessary to play the mainsheet to keep on a relatively even keel but we were quite sure we were exceeding 100ks at times.

Looking forward to some more racing soon and we’ll endeavour to give more notice next time to drag some of the rest of you out.

Steve Ashley