16/17 November  Ohope Blast

Hi Guys,

Best weekend to come down to Ohope for a sail would be 16th & 17th Nov.

Beach was looking great last time we were out as you can see from the photo.

We will be sailing from the “Ohope Beach Top 10 Holiday Park” Ph 07 3124460 for bookings. Low tide is at 1.00pm on the Saturday. Sailing from about 11.00am wind permitting till about 4.00pm. Only sail East of the camp.


Ohope Beach



A great day with some wind finally!  Down a bit on numbers due to AC racing and a late morning tide not being too compatible for some sailors but 6 of us made the effort and we had some great sailing in about 8-14kts until the wind died out around 1300 after a brief squall.

Great to have Kevin NZ327 join us after a 10 year rest!

Muriwai 15-9-13

Muriwai 15-9-13

Despite having made references about retiring on more than one occasion recently it was great to have Bill still blasting around the track with us again.

Bill and Phil snuck out last w/e too and set a short course which was great for the younger learners they had with them but it made the older generation quite dizzy!


There were also more discussions on getting the 90 Mile Beach Enduro scheduled in during the summer or possibly Labour w/e.  This has been a lot of fun in the past so we shall be working on making it happen again in the not too distant future.

The tides are such that with the increasing daylight it’s possible to sail every weekend at the moment, weather permitting.  So if it looks good the chances are we’ll be out there.

Keep an eye on the Calendar page.

Muriwai 18 August

It was an awesome day with 7 yachts turning up, numbers down a bit due to the forecast but it was warm and sunny though incompatible to sailing  due to the lack of wind – unless you were a powered paraglider.

Phil and John managed a bit of toing and froing but the rest of us barely got a ride despite numerous bouts of optimistic running.  A little disappointing as this was the 3rd weekend in a row we’ve been let down by huey.

Despite the lack of sailing it was good to catch up and be forced into having a relaxing day after a busy work week.  We headed half a km or so north of the stream to escape the dog walkers and pretty much had the beach to ourselves except for the odd 4WD and motorbike wizzing by.

Phil turned up with a long time friend of his, Hans Andersen – my wife’s cousin –  which was a bit of a surprise.  It’s a small world.

Between the two of them they brought 3 youngsters who had a great afternoon pushing each other around and eroding the sand dunes.  They even got to go in Phil’s C3, albeit slowly, being pushed most of the time, which was a real treat.

We’ll try again in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!

lots of exercise today

lots of exercise today

IMG_0022 IMG_0027 off to lunch and await the wind IMG_0039 IMG_0037




21 July 2013 Muriwai North end

Despite the forecast of zero to nothing a core group of 3 c3s and a duo headed off to support Colin Palmer and a chap called Brian from Tasy who’d flown across to check out buying Colin’s c2.  We were all optimistic of a seabreeze wafting in, at some point, so took up John’s suggestion of heading up to the top of the beach for a change.

John advised us to access the beach via Wilson’s Rd, about 2/3rds up – described by John as   ” Wilsons road off South Head road is an easy 4wd “with trailer” access point but 2wds would possibly bottom out on the sand dune section (no worse that the stream access though”.

I was late and missed the rendezvous at the carpark at the beginning of the forestry rd leading to the beach. After negotiating the steep washed out clay track, thanking the rain for having stayed away for a few days, it was down to the  sandy one lane access track which wound its way through the very scenic bush, alongside Lake Kereta, for what seemed like forever (5-8 mins??) praying no one would come the other way, particularly with a trailer too as passing bays were few and far between. Eventually the track opened up a bit to a downward slope leading to the steeper upward sand dune of the beach.  3 attempts in my wife’s Subaru 2.5 Outback failed to get me quite to the top.  So with smoke pouring from the clutch I sauntered over to a couple of youngish lads with an old Hilux who obliged me with a tow over the top but expressed concern on how I’d get back up the even steeper seaward side of the dune.  No worries, I’ve got mates on the beach that will see me right I exclaimed whilst secretly thinking it highly unlikely it was going to be possible.  Of more dreading concern now was the fact that the 1/4 tank of gas I left home with, believing it to be enough, was virtually gone and getting back to the nearest gas station in Helensville wasn’t going to be too likely even if I could get off  the beach.

Once on the beach there was no sign of anyone else, calls to John failed but eventually got through to him texting to find he and Phil were at the top of the beach – “just keep driving for 15 mins”. Yeah right! “If you run out of gas we’ll tow you back”. And up that dune I thought, yeah right!!  I then had a brain wave.

Dick’s  wife Diane was having her birthday and being treated to a drive up the beach from the south end.  Hoping they still had to pass a gas station I gave them a call.  Unfortunately they were already driving onto the beach but fortunately the Landrover was petrol and had a spare 10L can in the back.  Whew! Thank goodness that things usually have a way of working themselves out.

The drive up to the top now became quite enjoyable.  I rigged up with John, Phil and his boys and we waited for the wind and Colin, Brian and Bevely to arrive.

It was a very pleasant warm sunny day T shirt and shorts type of mid winter day and all we needed to make it perfect was another knot or two of wind to add to the 3 to 4 that sometimes wafted in off the waves.  Dick and Di turned up with the jerry can and Colin and I decided that we could ill afford the “adventure” of trying to get back off the beach the way we entered and agreed to drive right down to the south end and get off “the normal way”. Just as well anyway as on the way back I tried and failed to see the Wilson Rd exit.  There were lots of alcoves in the dunes with tyre tracks but none that looked like the one I came in on.

The top of the beach, at South Head,  is pretty amazing with a wide expanse of beach, to potentially sail on.  It was my first excursion up there and well worth the effort.  Thoroughly recommendable to do, at least once anyway.

However I may not be quite ready to repeat the performance too soon as it took a good 3 hours, once I got home to convert the off roader back into my wife’s “round town car”.  I couldn’t believe how much sand I brought home and being mixed with green algae, which you get this time of the year it sticks like the proverbial. Alot of waterblasting and soaping still hasn’t completely removed the evidence.

I felt sorry for Brian the Tasy for picking such a windless weekend to fly over.

Oh yes and exiting the “normal way” at the stream, wasn’t without its hurdle.  Without rain the dry sand was well churned up and it was as much as I could do to get out without my trailer.  Thanks Colin for retrieving it for me!   I may have to look at getting a proper 4WD diesel with more grunt for the future!

Kariotahi, despite the extra distance for me to drive to is starting to become more and more appealing and my RWD Hiace seems quite happy going there too and if you do get a bit sandy then the stream to drive through for a wash is right by the road.

Not sure how to post photos on the website yet so shall email some to those I have emails for.  Anyone else reading this that would like to be on the list, please let me know at:  steve@riggingshop.co.nz


21/7/13 Muriwai Nth end21/7/13 Muriwai Nth end 21/7/13 Muriwai Nth end 21/7/13 Muriwai Nth Colin's c2

7 July 2013 Muriwai

Bugger! The hounds fitting ripped out.

Bugger! The hounds fitting ripped out.

We had a good afternoon with about 8-12 kts of breeze.
A bit down on numbers compared to a fortnight ago with 4 c3s a Duo and a BK.

Not as much beach to sail on as Kariotahi the other day and very busy with cars and kite surfers. Later in the afternoon they thinned out only to be replaced with a dozen blowkarts who joined in on our course.

Up with another mast

Up with another mast

Dick had another bad day, arriving late as the new bearings he got for his front wheel during the week didn’t fit so he changed his front wheel assembly for his Winger one. We rigged him up with his smaller mast, which he hadn’t tried before and one of my sails. Finally got him sailing, he made it 3/4 of the way to the bottom mark and his hounds fitting pulled out. So we quickly rigged him with his big mast and got him sailing again but he found it too difficult to steer with the small front wheel and packed up early. Hopefully next time he’ll be a bit more sorted and can enjoy racing round in circles with the rest of us.

Ready to go again

Ready to go again

I’m still getting used to finding the fine line, on a narrow beach day, of gybing around the bottom mark without either ending up in the soft sand or turning too tight and spinning out – more practice needed so roll on next time.

Muriwai 7 July

7 July Muriwai

Greg with the healing Achilles turned up with his camera and got some good shots so he’s going to send those out soon.  And now here they are 2 months later.

Sure beats homework!

Sure beats homework!

At this stage we’ve still not officially reformed the club actively and not set a calendar. If the tides and wind look sailable then it’s likely we’ll be sailing somewhere so be prepared. An email will go out with as much notice as possible with time and place.

John all smiles after a great day!

John all smiles after a great day!

See you next time,

Saturday 22/6/2013

Hi Guys,

For those who couldn't turn up you missed an awesome afternoon.  Apart
from a very few brief showers it was near perfect conditions.  Due to 
the recent windy weather the waves had swept the beach clean and 
packed the sand down right up to the grass which made for a hard, 
smooth and wide race track.The wind was less than forecast averaging  
around 10 -15 kts most of the time and stayed pretty much square on to 
the beach for 95% of the time making for some great fast racing over 
the 1000m course. It didn't seem too cold either, infact very pleasant 
especially when the sun was out.  

So the moral of the story is not to take too much notice of the 

If my arithmetic is right we had 12 yachts turn up. 3x c3's and the 
rest mostly c5s.

It was great to have Roger, Clem, Darren and Desmond turn up from the 
BOP and see Francoise out on his new RGc5.

Great to have Bill Nairn set up the course and come out to race in his 

John O'Donnell turned up but being straight from work was unable to 
bring his yacht so took on the OOD duties and did a magnificent job 
waving the flags at us. Both classes got in a few races each and then 
at the end some of us headed down the beach for a few kms and back 
just as a wee rain squall came through with a top up of breeze.  John 
followed us in his car and clocked us doing around 90ks.  I was 
surprised how little speed difference there was between some of the 
c5's and 3's and it's made me wonder a bit as to why I'm lugging 
around a big 3 when a 5 is almost as quick - they don't look as cool 
though and I reckon they wouldn't pull as many chicks - back in the 
day that is!

All going well we plan to sail next at Muriwai on Sunday 7th July.


Steve Ashley

2012 Guy Fawkes Blast Nov 16th and 17th





Nov  16th & 17th


Venue: Ohope Beach Top 10 Holiday Park.

Harbour Road,







Fri 16th Nov


All Class’s.

Start time…..12 Noon.

Briefing on beach outside camp.

Low tide…. 3.30pm

Free sailing till sunset

OBSS Racing and Sailing Rules.



Sat 17th Nov


Ohope Beach Challenge

Briefing at 1.00pm

Long coarse sailing

till we run out of puff.

All Classes

Bring your best rocket ships!

Greetings Landsailors,


 The 2012 Guy Fawkes Blast is back at the Ohope Beach Holiday Park once again .. The BEST place stay and landsail in the bay! Love that beach! Guy Fawkes may be well over by the 16th but we can still get a blast down the beach in our rocket ships. Ohope is looking great this year. We have had plenty of storms this year, which have eroaded more of the land back into beach. Not good news for some, but it sure makes for great sailing!

Ohope Beach is shaped like a hockey stick, allowing a coarse to be set with both tacking and a long reach legs on every lap with lots of terrain to negotiate along the way. This year we will be making the most of our beautifull beach east of the camp. The course will be set down to the spit and back.


 This year’s format is Free Sailing Friday and Saturday The Ohope Beach Challenge. The challenge this year will consist of long coarse races with all the fleet sailing together. (wind and safety permitting).


Steer well clear of pedestrian traffic and fishermen. The Ohope  Beach and harbour entrance is a favourite fishing spot for the locals. They have right of way all the time!


OBSS sailing Rules as usual. Helmet and footwear are compulsory for all pilots and passengers at all times.


See you at Ohope.


Clem Kinnaird NZ701

OBSS President.

2012 Sailing Season

Once again we are off to a slow start. Good new is that the NE weather pattern that has dogged us for the last 2 years is predicted to change back to the prevailing SW wind we normally experience this time of year. Checkout the Sailing Calender for dates, time and places. As always if the beach is unsailable the day will be cancelled. Check back here before going out. We look forward to seeing you all on the beach

GUY FAWKES BLAST 2 Sunday 6th November


Yo Sandsailors


Ohope was a no go last weekend, so we have decided to give it another go on the west coast at Ngarunui beach Raglan. Bring your best rocket ships. You are guaranteed to have a blast!








Looks like a safe bet for sun and sailing. Low tide is at 1:50pm so racing can start at 12:15pm.


Name of road is Riria Kerepoa Memorial Drive. Which is Wainui Road Raglan.


All classes welcome


All blokarts welcome




Any questions contact : Andrew Broadbent after hours on 07 8506058.